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This forum is meant to be a relaxing place to share and to learn. Please be respectful of others, and speak with others in a way that you would like to be spoken to.

Try your best to post in the correct area of the forum – I don’t want to have to be moving posts :-).

Please do not type your whole message in capitals – this is considered ‘shouting’. On a similar note, please try to avoid jargon or acronyms and do not use ‘txt spk’ – not everyone is able to read that, including me!


Being a good therapist means being non-judgemental and open to the views of others and different ways of thinking. This is also what is wanted on this forum. Extensive forum experience has shown that exchanges can become heated and written words misunderstood. I will moderate the forum with this in mind.

Mizan Therapy is not legally responsible for comments, views and suggestions included on the forum reserves the right to review posts. If something you have posted is either open to mis-interpretation or unacceptable (defamatory or abusive for example), we will contact you personally and ask you to modify or remove your post. We will temporarily or permanently remove posts if necessary though we are hoping to not do this often! If you see a post that concerns you or that you think should be reported, do let us know too. In extreme cases we may rescind a user’s right to access the forum.


Please be conscious of confidentiality. Do not post people’s name on here without their consent! If you share a client’s story use initials (never full names).

If you read a story or a post on the forum you cannot forward it on to others or post on other forums without the expressed agreement of the original poster. Be careful of copyrights. State your sources if you are going to post something from somewhere else on the web.


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